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Triving for perfection

It is developed and manufactured by an internationally renowned audio equipment research laboratory that used to produce NuForce and Goldmund.

Committed to restoring the most original music, the members of the design team are all music lovers. This allows us to know more about the performance of the product and continue. Use our products to play the most original music, and pass our enthusiasm and perseverance through music, you will find that listening to music will be more beautiful and vivid.

State Of The Art D/A Converters

As the first product released by PALAB, DAC-M1, we spent more than one year of research and development time, in order to strive for the uniqueness and excellent performance of the first products on the market. The DAC-M1 includes MQA technology, which enables you to play back MQA audio files and streams, delivering the sound of the original master recording. When a conventional CD player is connected to DAC-M1, the MQA-CD will reveal the original master quality.

Excellent Headphone Amplifier

Three independent headphone amplifier circuits and a separate power supply system for maximum dynamics, lowest distortion and maximum drive. Whether your headset is a balanced MMCX 4.4mm plug or TRS 6.3mm plug, Our designed amplifier circuit can easily drive your headphones.

Ability To Directly Drive a Power Amplifier

In order to reduce the impact of the sound system components on the sound and to restore the most original music recording, we designed a circuit that can directly drive the power amplifier. Use low noise and low distortion The volume control of the characteristics, the volume curve and the precise circuit layout designed with the listening habits of the human ear minimize the distortion and cross talk, making you feel more live when listening.

. ESS Newest Generation: The world's highest performance 32-bit Stereo DAC, State-of-the-art DAC with warmer sonic characteristics.
. Five digital inputs and one stereo input for complete system flexibility, Full microprocessor control with memory retention for all inputs.
. Sample rate up/down conversion processing, From PCM 44.1kHz to PCM 384kHz and DSD64 to DSD256 ( including PCM to / from DSD ).
. USB asynchronous transfer mode. . Exclusive driver software for Windows.
. USB supports DSD native playback by ASIO and DoP method.
. USB supports native MQA playback.
. Coaxial and optical support MQA and MQA-CD playback.
. Three independent headphone amplifier circuits.
. Individually adjustable volume on each input for precise level matching of sources.
. Analog output channel setting ( both outputs can be set to Mono right, Mono left, R + L or L + R ).
. Display brightness adjustment.
. Extension port for Bluetooth dongle and WiFi audio streaming ( optional ).
. Power Supply: AC voltage selector switch at the bottom of the unit, 115V or 230V.
. Dimensions [W x H x D]: 250mm x 59mm x 310mm
. Weight: 2.7Kg . Power consumpt
ion: Standby under 0.9W

Dimensions 282 × 123 × 208 mm
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